Design & Sales: Connell Curran, 918.640.7252
Office: Rodger Tucker, 918.232.1611

About Us

about-us.jpgSince 1976, Cobblestone Homes has been elegant homes that surpass the highest standards in quality homebuilding. We believe at the heart of every home is family, and that is why our family-led company focuses on building homes that are warm, inviting and unique to you!

Rodger Tucker heads up Cobblestone Homes alongside his wife, Belinda, who markets all of their homes through McGraw Realtors, and his son Connell Curran, who oversees exterior and interior home design and project management.

"Our buyers benefit from my family's involvement in the details of the building process. Together, we design, build and market great homes loaded with extra value." - Rodger Tucker

Detailed Design

At Cobblestone Homes, we take every detail into account. From the small design details, to the overarching build plans, our team is there to make sure your home is expertly built to your needs. We assist you with all the details, including lighting, flooring, technology, windows, texture selection and more, to give your home a casual elegance that will last throughout the years.

Peak Performance

Every Cobblestone home meets or exceeds current Energy Starᆴ standards. They are sealed, insulated and designed using the best in green building practices and products, creating unmatched energy performance over the life of the home that comes back in utility savings forever.

Trusted Partners

Our construction and design experts network with only the most trusted contractors and suppliers whose top notch work has been proven through longstanding partnerships. This commitment to partnership excellence has developed a team spirit that makes for a more efficient building process and ultimately a better home.

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